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Twisted Island Insomniac

The adventure filled and hidden object search based game twisted island Insomniac is playing the round these day. In this game the game player play as an angel. The angel was one of a young woman who was roaming around the beach side. She has had weird and horrifying vision in her head. She has also had hallucination that her made her mind go to hysterics. Her doctor tries to help but fails. The woman decides that enough is enough and run away from the treatment bed.

Moving ahead as with topic as an angel the game player would have to travel in two worlds. One being the hospital the young woman’s body is still there and secondly to the other bizarre world. The game runs in a smooth way and the transition is not as quick and brisk as it might sound right now. So nothing to get too worried about for all sorts of reason for the person interested in playing the game. One has to find out objects and clues, but the tricky thing is you have to do it in presence of the ghost kids.

The game also provides an option of hints. It is a valued addition to the game from the point of view of the game player. It helps the game player in taking direction and decision. While on the other hand it stop them for going hay wire and it keeps them right on track which quite frankly essential for the game.

The game is presented amazingly well and also plays into a nice rhyme so to speak off. The graphic work is outstanding and wonderful to say the least. It’s a star attraction for the game player. The voice acting added in the game is also quite nice one might as well add. As with many ghost games it happens that due to the dark angle and hidden objects of the game it is very straining on the eyes of the game player. But this does not happen in this game. The game is developed in such a way that this aspect has been taken care off well and one will not have to worry even little bit for this aspect.
If one a game players starts using the hint option than the game becomes comparatively very easy and docile. So a gamer player interested in a challenge and fight is duly advised to keep the hint option closed. This will make the game attractive and fun in more than one way. The game includes a lot of strange and weird things but in a nice way. So it adds values and benefits for the game players. It is one good game and must try one. Enjoy playing cheers!

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